Conservation overstepping it's bounds?

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Re: Conservation overstepping it's bounds?

Postby Anonymous_Coward » Jan 5, 2012 5:20 pm

Jon wrote:Wow talk about hateful and intolerant (Anonymous_Coward ). I just came across an old thread and thought I'd toss a little levity in. Good old fashioned sarcasm. Get real, both sides of both issues will NEVER be settled, and if you think they will well you are dumber than some of the arguments on both sides of both issues. If you can't have a little fun once in a while then you are truly the ignorant one.

Hateful and intolerant? Not so much. Just enjoying some good old fashioned sarcasm, as you yourself claim to do. If you think I would actually want anybody to be shot, then you obviously do not know me at all.

The climate change issue is actually pretty much settled, at least scientifically. It's just down to a few pockets here and there in the U.S. that still have their heads in the sand on that one. WNS? We're getting a better handle on that one day by day. So I guess that makes me dumb and ignorant according to you. Thanks a lot for the ad hominem attacks there buddy. I think maybe you should take Cheryl's advice and just calm down a little.

Let's go caving sometime, you'll see that I actually like to have a LOT of fun, a lot more often than just once in a while. Just ask your friends there in Arizona. I used to have a LOT of fun caving around there!
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Re: Conservation overstepping it's bounds?

Postby NZcaver » Jan 5, 2012 5:25 pm

Face it Andy, you're just a hater. :tonguecheek:
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Re: Conservation overstepping it's bounds?

Postby Jon » Jan 6, 2012 1:49 am

I'm not worried about being shot, a great quote and I will not reference the sayer is, "Don't try and shade someone you don't know""
What I do take offense to is the ignorance reference. I am a pessimist. And a pessimist is an optimist who has all the facts. As far as knowing you, you are nothing to me but a few words on the internet. In case you didn't know, words mean things.

When I went to school we were all told that global cooling was the big threat. We were heading for an ice age because car emissions would block out the suns rays. Cars got catalytic converters to get rid of carbon monoxide so we could have the harmless carbon dioxide. Now carbon dioxide is bad but the the same morons will not get rid of catalytic converters. Go figure. Climate change. yeah we're the big bad wolf. there have never been things like ice ages and then warming, where were the cars and factories then? So much of what is "science" is just what some one needs you to fall for so they can make millions of bucks. While I'll listen to anyone about anything, I am always looking for what their angle is. While some people really are trying to save the world, most are only trying to fatten their bank account. There are three kinds of people I hate, Liars, cheats and thieves.
Life is short, my time is running out, I'm willing to take a stand and make a fight. I can't afford to travel farther than 35 gallons in my V-8 Blazer. Let's get underground ...maybe you'll enlighten me, maybe I'll enlighten you. Who knows maybe we'll both be smarter.
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