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Bats and the temple wrecking ball

PostPosted: Oct 6, 2006 11:02 pm
by jonsdigs
Bats and the temple wrecking ball

(Norwich-WTNH, Oct. 6, 2006 5:37 PM) _ The Masonic Temple in Norwich is scheduled to come down next week. Some neighbors aren't worried about dust or debris. They worried about the bats living inside.

* by News Channel 8's Tina Detelj

Folks who live near the Masonic Temple say they see bats flying in and out of the building, in fact quite a few at night. So when the wrecking ball hits they wonder what will coming flying out.

The Mohegan tribe is tearing down the Masonic Temple to restore a historic tribal cemetery buried beneath it.

"Generally speaking these are insect eating bats," City Manager Bob Zarnetske said. "They are not vampire bats."

Just your garden variety flying mammal.

"Yes, I know there are bats around, but we have a heavy concentration there," says Frank DeMicco, who lives behind the temple.

DeMicco is afraid once the wrecking ball starts swinging the bats will come flying out and head his way, into his chimney, his attic, his house.

"Who's gonna get them out of my house if they come into my house," he said. "I'm given to understand they can fit into any kind of an opening."

So just how many bats are in this building? Folks around here believe quite a few.

"It's gonna look like smoke coming out of the chimney," says Ike Ferber. "There's that many of them."

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