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Highways Agency installs new roost sites to protect bats

PostPosted: Sep 2, 2006 6:38 am
by Wayne Harrison
ENDANGERED bats have been given a helping hand with the installation of 75 bat boxes across Hampshire and Berkshire.

The new roost sites have been put up on Highways Agency land near major routes the M4, M27, M3 and A303.

Ecologists employed by the Agency have seleted suitable sites, away from the busy roads, and several different designs of bat box have been used to help cater for a range of species.

Of the 16 bat species in the UK, 12 are classed as endangered or vulnerable.

Loss of habitat is one of the main reasons behind the decline.
Highways Agency area manager, Angela Koenig, said: "Bats and other rare and endangered animals must be protected and the Highways Agency is doing its utmost to ensure this happens.

"By providing the bat boxes, we are providing a safe haven to roost."
The Highways Agency, working with the Bat Conservation Trust, plan to monitor the boxes annually to provide important information on rare and endangered bats ... cleID=2858