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Beetle named after Hitler selling for EUR 1,000

PostPosted: Aug 18, 2006 9:30 am
by Evan G
[center]Strange! Very Strange and sad for the bettle!-E
HAMBURG - A tiny, blind, brown beetle that hides in caves in Slovenia is changing hands for as much as 1,000 euros (1,300 dollars) because it is named after Adolf Hitler, a Munich insect collector said Thursday.

The creatures were given the scientific name Anophtalmus hitleri in honour of the Nazi dictator when they were discovered in the 1930s. Collecting them has become a fad among neo-Nazis in recent years.

"There has been a rush for them. Collectors are scouring the caves," said Martin Baehr, the entomologist at the State Zoological Museum in Munich. "Almost all of our specimens at the museum have been stolen."

<a href="">Anophtalmus hitleri Story</a>

PostPosted: Aug 21, 2006 8:28 pm
by Mike Rz
Here's the rest of the article from Der Spiegel:

The Hitler beetle is found only in Solvenia. It's not unique enough to be of much scientific interest and apparently not on the verge of extinction. Hitler's other favorite beetle, of course, has fared much better: The classic Volkswagen model originally built to zip the Third Reich's masses around Germany shed its pre-war roots and became a worldwide automotive success story.