Convention Lightning Talks

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Convention Lightning Talks

Postby Cheryl Jones » Jul 9, 2008 4:55 pm

Lightning Talks will be happening again Friday afternoon at NSS Convention. :bananabat:

Lightning Talks differs from most other sessions in a few important ways:

1. There is no overall session topic. Anything related to caves,
cavers, or caving is welcome.

2. There is no call for papers. If you show up and are ready to
present, you will be one of the speakers.

3. There are strictly-enforced time limits. Presenters will have five
to seven minutes to speak, and there will be technology to assist this.
The green light goes on at five. The yellow light goes on at six. The
red light goes on at seven. Applause may occur spontaneously after the
red light comes on.

For presenters, we will have a computer and projector screen. Bring any
presentation visuals in powerpoint format on a USB "thumb" drive.
Wireless clicker and laser pointer will be provided.

If you are at Convention, please consider attending this session,
whether or not you are interested in presenting. For presenters, it's
only five or so minutes of stuff to prepare. For the audience, it's
only five or so minutes from each presenter. If last year was any
indication, it will be fun, interesting, and informative. The more and
more varied the presentations, the better the session will be.

Please forwarded to additional appropriate caver lists.

Questions? Feel free to contact me. <jwashin@VT.EDU>

- Jim Washington
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