"Lightning Rounds" at Convention

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"Lightning Rounds" at Convention

Postby Cheryl Jones » Aug 12, 2007 11:58 pm

"Lightning Talks" went very well in its debut year at Convention. We had ten talks from eight speakers.

    --Cavechat.org - The NSS Discussion Board
    Martha Mills and Wendy Shirah

    --Russell Cave, Alabama - Watershed Restoration
    Maureen Handler

    --Karst Tours to China - October 2008
    Dwight Deal

    --Caving in your own Backyard
    Jim McConkey

    --An Example of a Successful Caver Certification Program
    Ray Sira

    --Caves of Rhode Island
    Steve Stokowski

    --Naj Tunich Cave, Guatemala
    Hazel Barton

    --North River Hybrid Karst Aquifer System
    Wil Orndorff

    --Tepui Caves, Venezuela
    Hazel Barton

    --Virginia Cave Protection Act: Vandalism at Rocky Hollow Cave
    Wil Orndorff

It was, as expected, like a box of chocolates. A big "thank you" to the speakers.

Convention willing, we will do it again next year in Florida. This time, who knows, we may have pens that work.

-Jim Washington
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