2007 NSS Convention July 23 - July 27

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Postby Scott McCrea » Aug 8, 2007 7:02 am

Here's another short video showing the power of the storm via Speleonet.
http://speleonet.typepad.com/speleonet/ ... gchair.AVI
Scott McCrea
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Postby CaverScott » Aug 8, 2007 8:12 am

myotis wrote:
Hey CaverScott. We have the same exact group shot. Methinks you and your wife was at the same campsite I was.

Yup, we were there during a late night walk-about. Jules is always looking for the best parties! :toast:
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Thanks to Convention Cavers!

Postby Ronaldo » Aug 8, 2007 9:39 am

This note is for all who attended the 2007 NSS Convention.

Many of the caves featured in the 2007 NSS Convention Guidebook were on the property of the Harrison Crawford State Forest and the O'Bannon Woods State Park. There were also several caves on the Hoosier National Forest. I coordinated with the State to arrange a daily drop off of permits to save folks from driving to the drop off site, and communicated with them on the unusual flow of cavers for the week. Most of the problems with caving in the area come from spelunkers who are ill prepared, wasted, and irresponsible in their actions.

I want to thank everyone for showing the State agencies that real cavers care about our cave resources and cave responsibly. We made the decision to trust the Convention attendees with a data base of info including topos, maps and descriptions for all of our guidebook caves that I assembled especially for Convention, and am proud that everyone made us look like the great stewards that we are!! I knew you would all be trustworthy!!!

This goes a long ways to show that the State's willingness to allow visitation of the caves is both appreciated and is a great asset for lovers of the outdoors and something to be proud of.

Below is a note sent to me by the Park Manager:

Subject: RE: Permits and such for NSS Convention

NSS Convention went well, all cavers visiting the property were great and good stewards of the cave resources.

many thanks

Bob Sawtelle, Park Manager
O'Bannon Woods State Park
7234 Old Forest Rd. SW
Corydon, IN 47112
Office 812-738-8232

A few of the more popular caves that are right off the road saw a constant flow of people all week, and the parking areas were in plain sight of the main route to the park offices. Any ill behavior including littering would have been noticed. Thanks for showing that we care!!!!

We have many great caves within our public lands in Indiana and we are grateful we were able to show them to all who came to Convention. Feel free to send a note to the park to thank them for their willingness to accommodate cavers.

Thanks Again!
Ron Adams, Caves Chair, 2007 NSS Convention
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Postby Cheryl Jones » Aug 8, 2007 8:29 pm

:woohoo: :banana: :rock band: :calvin: :patriotic: :wtg: :cavingrocks: :banana: :thanks:
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Local newspaper coverage

Postby CaverScott » Aug 15, 2007 7:22 am

Posted at the request of Keith Dunlap.

"The local weekly newspaper, The Clarion News (Crawford County, Indiana), did a series of articles on the NSS Convention. These articles have been scanned and posted at http://www.nss2007.com. The newspaper did an excellent job of accurately covering the convention (with the exception of getting a famous caver's last name wrong) and capturing the human interest aspect of the event."
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Postby NZcaver » Aug 21, 2007 9:55 pm

Check out http://wade-bell.blogspot.com/

This was just posted on August 20. It's written by Wade Bell, the same journalist who tirelessly followed the exploits of Convention-goers throughout the week.

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