SERA Winter Business Meeting - February 16

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SERA Winter Business Meeting - February 16

Postby Larry E. Matthews » Jan 18, 2013 11:10 pm

The SERA Winter Business Meeting will be held Saturday, February 16, INSIDE Cumberland Caverns !!! What better place to have a meeting? The event is being sponsored by the Nashville Grotto and several caving trips are planned.

Registration for the Meeting is $5 and registration for the Meeting and the Banquet (inside the cave, of course) is $20. To be sure to be included for the Banquet, you will need to preregister.

Camping will be available outside the cave (free) or inside the cave for $20. To access the preregistration form, go to the NSS Home Page, click on "Events", click on SERA Winter Business Meeting, and print out the registration form.

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Re: SERA Winter Business Meeting - February 16

Postby UnderGroundEarth » Jan 22, 2013 1:20 pm

Thanks for posting this Larry :)

There will also be an SERA Karst Task Force (SKTF) cleanup inside Cumberland Caverns on Sunday February 17th. You do not have to attend the Winter Business Meeting to go to this cleanup. Meet at the cave at 9am on Sunday.

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Re: SERA Winter Business Meeting - February 16

Postby cavergirl » Feb 1, 2013 1:14 pm

Don’t forget the 2013 SERA Photo and Art Salons, to be judged at the SERA Winter Business Meeting.

This is your opportunity to be recognized for your photographic or artistic
achievements and endeavors. You don't have to be present to enter, you just
have to arrange to have a friend deliver your work to the salon. If you can't
come, be sure to identify each work with your name and title of thework.

The following identifies the categories to be used in judging, as
well as conditions and considerations for entry and judging. PLEASE NOTE:
Entries are limited to two entries per category/subcategory this year, not
three as in previous years.


This is a photographic print salon. No slides will be accepted. Also excluded
from entry are electronic image files stored on compact disk, thumb drives or
other electronic data storage devices.

Three main categories are to be judged:
B&W photographs, Color photographs and Digitally Enhanced photographs/images.
Please note the distinction between the Color photograph and Digitally
Enhanced photograph categories. Entries in the Color photograph category are
expected to have a certain, but minimal, amount of photo editing, such
as adjustments of brightness, contrast, color and hue, for example, to
provide the most pleasing rendering of the image. The Digitally Enhanced
category, however, represents photos which have been significantly
altered (i.e., photo-shopped), with heavy application of effects tools
and even digital superimposition of multiple images.

Special considerations for High Dynamic Range (HDR) entries: HDR photographs
are typically rendered from multiple images, of identical composition,
exposed over a range of EV values. If the entries are minimally
processed, to simply provide photographs with nice color and great
shadow detail, for example, it would be appropriate to enter these
images into the Color photograph category. If, however, the entries are
highly processed with strong application of tone balancing and mapping
and other elements of HDR processing, with the end goal of producing a
photorealistic or surrealistic image, it would be more appropriate to
enter these in the Digitally Enhanced category.

Within each category, photos will be judged in the following subcategories:

People - People are the central focus or theme of the image. The cave or cave
entrances are secondary.

Macro/Extreme Closeup - Will typically apply to subjects such as
fossils/micro-fossils or crystalline formations, such as gypsum flowers or
needles, and fossils such as crinoids, brachiopods or sharks teeth. Also
includes closeups of biota, such as salamanders, crickets, or other animal
life captured in a manner not harmful to the subject.

Artistic/Interior Scenes - Interior cave scenes. Cavers may be present in the
image but the cave is the central focus. To do well in this category, photos
should present an artistic bent, with the use of effective of dramatic
lighting, striking composition, or other creative or innovative photographic technique.

Entrances/Exterior Scenes - Cave or pit entrances, photographed from
either the interior or exterior of the cave, are the central focus.

Humor - Humor is at the center of the photograph.

There is no minimum or maximum limit on print size. Prints should be mounted
on poster board or foam core board, but will be accepted unmounted. Please
have all entries printed prior to entering the salon. Print services will not
be provided. A limit of two entries per category/subcategory please, i.e, two
entries for Color Photograph - People. It is the responsibility of the
photographer to determine which category is appropriate for his/her entry,
however, the salon director may, with sufficient reason and upon consultation
with the entrant, request or suggest assignment to a different category. No
photos of unsafe caving or poor conservation practices will be accepted for judging.

The following categories will be judged:

Textiles - Weavings, needlepoint, other construction using fabric, thread or yarn.

Graphic Design - Generally, this category is for computer-generated
imagery or CGI, and includes art images, t-shirt design.

Paintings/Drawings - Generally refers to art applied to a medium, such
as canvas, paper or wood, by hand. Includes oil, acrylics, watercolors,
pastels, charcoal and pen and ink.

Sculpture/Ceramics - Includes carvings of wood, stone or other material, as
well as other fabrications using stone, wood, metal or other material.
Includes ceramic or clay fabrications such as tiles, bowls, vases or other symbolic items.

Other - Wildcard

A limit of two entries in each category for the Art Salon
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Re: SERA Winter Business Meeting - February 16

Postby cavergirl » Feb 10, 2013 11:35 am

It's not too late to camp in the cave or sign up for the banquet! People registering on site can still pay the fee and camp in the cave. If you want to camp in the cave on Friday night you must arrive before 11 PM or contact the grotto in advance. To camp saturday night just sign up and pay when you register for the meeting.

If you would like to eat at the banquet but did not pre-register, contact the Nashville grotto so we will be sure to have enough food. Pay at registration.

Outside camping is free and you can arrive any time.
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