SERA caving trips?

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SERA caving trips?

Postby Dangerjudy » Jun 8, 2011 11:57 am

Anyone got ideas for a caving trip during SERA? Something easy horizontal, easy vertical, or both?
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Re: SERA caving trips?

Postby self-deleted_user » Jun 8, 2011 12:18 pm

From the other thread, planned led trips:
Signal Light Pit 10am (vertical)

Crownover Saltpeter 9am (horizontal)
Mirror Image Well 10am (vertical)
Lynch Pit 10am (vertical)
Cedar Ridge Crystal 10am (horizontal)
Bible Springs, Kid Friendly Trip 10:30am (horizontal)

Myself...I think some of Mike's buddies aren't getting up here from...NC? SC? whichever until like noon Friday but want to do something vertical...I think I could find Signal Light but I've never been there (just driven by where you park and had that pointed out) but I'm assuming either maybe we'll go on that lead trip if they get in early enough, or find peeps who know where something is and do something else. Saturday I'm going to Bluff River. And then Sunday uhmmm I forget but a quick vertical before having to leave and get back home.

so yeah...we'll probably be searching for a nice vertical cave Friday afternoon if anyone wants to take us somewhere!

At Speleofest they ranked the trips 1-5 (1 being haaaaa you can walk in with a helmet and light and stroll for a ways and then come back out, if you can walk you can do it, 3 gets to being a bit "sporty" I think 4 was defined as "a bitch" and anything vertical was automatically a 5 I think) do they do similar at SERA for the trips?
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