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Not overrun lava tubes Mt. Adams/Mt. St. Helens area

PostPosted: May 24, 2021 9:22 pm
by wernerdad
Hi all.

I'm an experienced, safe, and environmentally-minded caver (lots of technical vertical and horizontal caving over the years; most recently in TAG, but also NY, WV, WY, Puerto Rico, etc.). My 13 year-old son and I are taking a road trip around Washington state in a couple weeks. Among the places we're visiting is the Mt. Adams/Mt. St. Helens area. We'll be camping at Lower Falls Campground between the two mountains and using that as a base for day trips. Years ago, I spent a summer in Washington and remember visiting some amazing, long, and not frequently visited lava tubes on the western slope of Mt. Adams (may be wrong about which slope). I'd love to take my son into a couple. He can't do anything technical (unless you consider some crawling technical), so something safe and reasonably easy but not overrun/trashed would be wonderful. I'll be driving a cargo van, so some rough roads are okay, but no 4WD. A reasonable hike-in also is fine. Any suggestions?


Dan Werner

(ps. once we decide where to go, I'll make sure we have an "out by" time and emergency contacts, etc... I'm super conscientious about such things)