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Research Money Available

PostPosted: Nov 8, 2018 11:01 am
by ohiocaver
Each year, the Cleveland Grotto (NSS-005) Science Fund makes available grants for cave-related science projects through its Science Fund. The Grotto anticipates making three to six grants of various amounts to projects by members of NSS-affiliated grottoes, researchers, students and other qualified individuals. The Science Grants are intended to support scientific or survey projects – not cave cleanups, philanthropic caving programs, or other worthy, but non-scientific cave endeavors. While some preference is given to cave projects that involve Ohio and neighboring states, grants are also given to projects across the country and world.
Grant funds are typically allocated to a Foundation, University, NSS Grotto, or other entity to serve as an administrator the funds to the individual(s) receiving the grant, and the publication of project results (journal article, survey map, etc.) or presentation of the data at a conference, with credit to the Cleveland Grotto Science Fund for its support, is expected as a result of all projects. Grant awards may be for the full or partial amount of the funds originally requested, pending review by the Science Grant Committee and the Cleveland Grotto board.
The 2018 application deadline for the general caving community is December 30. It is expected that the Science Grant Committee will make its evaluations and recommendations to the Cleveland Grotto Board by January 30, 2019, and that the Board will determine and announce grant awards by its February meeting. Information on the grant application process, as well as application forms are available at: ... eFund.html
We encourage all interested individuals with worthy projects to apply.