Cave at Cumberland Falls Ky?

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Cave at Cumberland Falls Ky?

Postby Sheila » Apr 21, 2017 8:21 pm

Last year I was hiking on the lower trail below the falls fairly close to the river and when a rain shower blew in I left the trail and headed for an overhang. I stood under this overhang with pure cold air conditioning coming from the vertical crack I was standing next to. I didn't have a flashlight with me but I wished I had because that crack widens at the bottom almost enough to crawl behind the vertical rock. This rock looks like some kind of strange natural door that fell down from above and just about blocked a cave entrance. I know it's a cave because the day was so hot and humid and the air sooo cold and clean. I stood high and dry in a rain shower with air conditioning. Has anyone else discovered this spot at Cumberland Falls? Has anyone else talked about a possible cave at this location? If it's a cave it probably goes under the road that is above. It felt like deep cave air. If there is another opening that is larger and undiscovered then could this be a hazard to hikers or small children?
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