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Grimm Grotto - my webcomic

Postby hewhocaves » Dec 31, 2015 10:16 am

Hi all,

Surely, several of you have seen this already on FB and reddit, but I'm slowly putting up all my old cartoons (and new ones) on the web here. Some of you may recall seeing my work in various newsletters in the northeast or even a couple of times in the NSS News. I know I recall seeing

Basically, the rules are as follows. If you want to toss a cartoon in your grotto newsletter, thats fine. (though I'd love to have an electronic copy of said newsletter for my personal reference). If you want to commercialize it (i.e. put it on a t-shirt or something) then drop me a line and we can talk.

When I get enough cartoons together, I'll put out a book. If there are particularly well received cartoons, then they'll get the t-shirt / mug treatment (as appropriate). I think it would be cool (at the very least) if the money from that could actually buy a cave.

Anyways, enjoy.

John Tudek
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