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Open caves near Galena, IL (NW IL or Eastern IA)

PostPosted: Nov 24, 2015 10:52 am
by danwern
Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm an experienced, safe TAG (and elsewhere) caver looking for an OPEN, non-show, not-very-wet, horizontal cave to visit with the kids near Galena, IL at some point in the next couple days. My standard go-to caves, Maquoketa Caves SP in IA, apparently are closed for the winter (news to me when I called to check; SP website says nothing about closures). Any suggestions for other caves in the area? Back in my collegiate years many years ago, I used to go to Hunter Cave in IA, but I assume that's now closed or semi-closed (we had an access agreement back then). If it is open, that -- or something of that ilk -- would be perfect. I also vaguely remember a Skunk Cave on a road cut-through, though I also don't remember where it is. Please email me off list -- -- if Hunter Cave is open and you remember how to get there or to Skunk Cave... or if you have other suggestions.

Thanks, all.

Cave on.