New SCCI Cave?

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Re: New SCCI Cave?

Postby trogman » Jul 28, 2014 10:11 am

Had a great trip to this new SCCI leased cave over the weekend. The only negative was that one of our party slipped on the hike to the cave and injured her wrist. We thought it was broken, and went into rescue mode in order to get her back up the steep mountain. We used one of our ropes to assist her up the steeper sections of the 1/4 mile hike out. Her boyfriend took her to the hospital, but fortunately it was only a bad sprain; still not good, but better than it being broken.
The remainder of our group was able to go back down to the cave and see a good portion of it. The primary attraction in Varnedoe, at least from what I saw, was the beautiful pits and domes, especially the Rain Room and the Fox Skeleton Room.

Kudos to the SCCI for making this fine cave available to cavers! :clap:

If you live in TAG and aren't a member yet, why not? :shrug: If you are a member, and are able to swing it financially, please consider becoming a sustaining member. :woohoo:

Trogman :helmet:
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Re: New SCCI Cave?

Postby bennettbike » Jul 30, 2014 7:30 pm

wrinker, i bet there is another entrance, think about the gazillion right and left turns nobody ever goes down because there awful looking horrid rock crawls that go under rock... maybe seeming to end up at the same place as the borehole, i don't know what i am talking about.
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