Sequoia National Park

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Sequoia National Park

Postby Corvalis64 » Jun 24, 2014 9:54 am

I'm going to be visiting Sequoia National Park in a few weeks and noticed they have a ton of caves. A number of these are close off to the public and only accessible for research purposes. I've been trying to reach the Park by calling and e-mail but haven't heard back yet. Does anyone know if there are ANY caves there accessible to the public (excluding Crystal Cave)?
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Re: Sequoia National Park

Postby Caving Guru » Jun 28, 2014 10:54 pm

I have not been caving in Sequoia National Park but here is a link to some caves in the park and descriptions for them: ... UMP_114864

Since you were not able to reach a representative of Sequoia National Park, I would suggest that you contact one of the caving organizations in California for more information about caving in Sequoia National Park. I believe that Soldier's Cave in Sequoia National Park is a popular wild cave that cavers go to. The closest caving organizations (known as grottos) to Sequoia National Park are the San Joaquin Valley Grotto (based in Fresno, CA) and the Los Angeles area grottos: Southern California Grotto and the Desert Dog Troglodytes.
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