Pennsylvania vs WV and other states caves size

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Re: Pennsylvania vs WV and other states caves size

Postby ohiocaver » Apr 19, 2013 4:26 pm

PA caves have lots of crawling and some walking. WV caves have lots of walking and some crawling. PA caves have mud. WV caves have streams. PA caves have smaller, precious formations. WV caves have big, impressive draperies.
If you can cave in PA caves like Hershey-Coy or Harlansburg, you can cave anywhere and enjoy it. However, if you are only used to the open spaces of trunk passage caving, you might not appreciate the lovely feeling of a mud crawl and the delight of rinsing your ears out when you get home.
As a former member of the Nittany Grotto and York Grotto, and a current member of MAKC, I can tell you for sure that PA cavers are the BEST, NICEST, KINDEST PEOPLE you ever will meet underground. Except for Ohio cavers who are pretty nice, too. As are most of the cavers I know in Indiana, Arizona, Nevada, Kentucky... :rofl:
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