Caverns of Sonora's Butterfly formation vandalized

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Postby Ralph E. Powers » Jun 23, 2007 8:47 am

Kel wrote:As I understand it, the sheriff's office contacted the individual(s) by phone (moron) letting them know the results of the subpoena. This information was given me by someone very close to the case.
What are they going to say? "Sure, I have it and have kept the wing hydrated and safe. Go ahead and haul me to jail." I don't think so.
Barney Fife would have done a better job in the investigation. This may (and should) cost the sheriff his job at the next election. Key personnel have left the sheriff's office because of the bungled nature of the case.
The Caverns have initiated stricter guidelines for the guide crew for the protection of the formations, and with the new legislation regarding cave protection, are putting the fear of God into the members of the tour.
Cart before the horse I'm afraid... but it'll at least protect the rest of the cave and it's formations. I know the "butterfly" wasn't the only formation in the cave... but it was probably the prettiest and rarest.
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Postby Teresa » Jun 23, 2007 1:52 pm

Ralph E. Powers wrote:How many other (show) caves have rare and fragile formations within an arm's or hand's reach? Should a motion activated camera be placed on these formations so that a culprit will be caught "red-handed"?

No. That would be cost prohibitive. The trail was not placed so close to the butterfly that a casual visitor could reach up and break it. A diversion was needed. Instead of expensive electronics, you can protect a cave better by having a sweep cave guide (guides aren't that expensive) whose job it is not to give the tour, but to watch the visitors, especially large groups.

Eyes on something protects it much better...and the person connected to the eyes can give firsthand testimony in court.

Motion-detected lights might give less opportunity for breakage, but Sonora is as well lit as a rathskeller basement....this operation still smells fishy to me.
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Re: Caverns of Sonora's Butterfly formation vandalized

Postby tmazanec1 » Sep 21, 2011 10:58 am

Is there any update on this? Have the @$$#0£€$ been caught? Has the park created a plastic replica of the butterfly (not the same, of course, but at least people could see what it looked like)? Any other info in the last few years?
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Re: Caverns of Sonora's Butterfly formation vandalized

Postby tmazanec1 » Jun 21, 2022 9:36 am

Any more news? Any chance of splicing a replica wing on it?
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